Thought you might be interested to see the advert we are placing in magazines for the 2012 Festival:

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Simply love the butterfly book effect!  

Me too!

that's a lovely poster, Kate.  great design

It's lovely Kate! :D

It's wonderful Kate - so exciting!

That's a really attractive poster - great! 

When will tickets be available?

Fantastic!  I love it!  And this year, I shall try to make it. Already got it in the calendar, so fingers crossed no family disasters befall us! xx  Well done for organising this and coming up with a stunning ad. Yay!

Looks fab!

That's lovely, Kate.

Congrats, Kate - the ad is delightful.

Can we use it on our blogs?


Yes, this is just a proof though. Will post up final artwork asap

Looking good!


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