Today was the funeral of a very special person.  Sharon Donovan was an American romance author, but she had many friends here in the UK, and had visited Ireland.  She loved all things Irish and wrote a story set in Ireland, entitled 'The Claddagh Ring', and sent me the lovely ring that was featured in the book.

Having battled diabetes most of her life, resulting in her becoming totally blind at the age of 25, eighteen months ago she suffered a massive heart attack and then at the end of December last year, the heart pump that had been keeping her alive stopped functioning properly and she needed a second operation.  After initially doing well, she had a number of setbacks and sadly, despite a tremendously brave fight and iron will and determination, our beloved Sharon passed away on Wednesday evening, 11th April.   Many prayers had been said for her recovery, but it seems God in his wisdom decided her poor body had had enough, and Heaven needed a new angel.

I loved Sharon as a sister, even though we had never met in person. We first started corresponding when I dropped her a line after reading an interview about her where she talked about how she had turned to writing when she could no longer write after losing her sight. I was so impressed by her strength and determination in the face of her lifelong fight with diabetes and the fact that losing her sight did not deter her froim sharing her wonderful imagination with the world.  As she said, now she 'painted with words instead of paint.'  Her touching  Inspirational stories for the 'White Rose' line of the Wild Rose Press  were beautifully written and included 'Lasting Rose,' 'The Claddagh Ring'  and 'Touched By An Angel.'

We corresponded regularly, after that first exchange. When  Sharon produced her wonderful creation, the flirty  devastatingly handsome and charming 'Oliver', who was her virtual butler by day and a private detective by night, I had the task of 'dressing' him for his appearances on her blog, and also for when he 'moonlighted' with us on the Friday 'Roast'. Oliver then starred in his own story 'Charade Of Hearts' which Sharon wrote as part of the  Jewel Of The Night' series, and it won the Predators and Editors Award in January, and although she was in hospital at the time, her sister Mary Beth was able to tell her that her story had won the award and that must have made her so proud and happy.

Among her other published books, was her memoir, 'Echo Of A Raven' written to help other people cope with diabetes and sight impairments and to know what help is available, and also to raise money for child diabetes research, which was something close to her heart, Her thrilling romantic suspense novels includied 'Mask Of The Betrayer' and 'Her Greatest Fan',

She loved animals and roses (especially yellow roses, and the beautiful deep red Lasting Rose which inspired her Easter story.) She shared my love of horses and used to ride before she lost her sight. She also talked a lot about the little black cat she used to have.  I hope they've now met up over the Rainbow Bridge where I'm sure he waited patiently for his mistress. My heart is full of tears, but also full of wonderful memories.  Sharon will never be forgotten, and her wit, wisdom and love will live on, forever, in her books.

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Comment by Hywela Lyn on April 20, 2012 at 15:18

Thank you so much Kate, I'd love to write a tribute to her forthe magazine.  How many words and when would you need it by?  You can contact me at

Lyn @ hywelalyn dot co dot uk


Sorry not to have replied before, We have the heating engineers in and the power was switched off!

Comment by Kate Allan on April 19, 2012 at 11:19

I am very sorry to hear about the passing of Sharon Donovan. RIP Sharon. Hywela, would you be able to write a tribute to Sharon and her work for our new magazine? I think that would be nice.

Comment by Francine Howarth on April 17, 2012 at 15:47

I meant sincere commiserations, damn the typos!

Comment by Hywela Lyn on April 17, 2012 at 15:11

Thank you so much Francine.  She was such a lovely, giving person, supportive of her fellow authors and will be missed terribly by all who had the good fortune to come into contact wth her.  She was truly an inspiration!

Comment by Francine Howarth on April 17, 2012 at 8:31


Sad news indeed! Since commiserations...



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