Well, Kate said we should be blogging, so I'm having a go.  Now, I've got to admit this is the 3rd time I've tried to post, so will be very glad if it finally appears anywhere!  Just thought I'd share what it was like to attend the festival in Watford over the weekend.  The fun started for me the moment I collected Lynne Connolly - we drove down together on the Thursday- nattering all the way.  And then on the Thursday evening, we went to Watford Central library, to talk to a reader's group about our work, alongside authors Pamela Strange, Hywela Lynn, Kate Allan and Juliet Archer (she of the nineteenth century mind in a twentieth century body - or is it the other way round?)  The reader's group were well lubricated with wine and biscuits, so weren't backward in coming forward.  Lynne and I were the last to leave the building - in fact we very nearly got locked in.  Eventually we tracked down a caretaker, who took great pleasure in telling us how the library was haunted - obviously a frustrated author himself.  But eventually we got out, and back to the hotel...although my sense of direction being what it is, we went round a couple of roundabouts more than once.  Eventually we made it back to the hotel...and just look at it.  What a great place to stay for the weekend.  Will post about Friday's events when I've got the hang of this blogging business.  Well, I'm a historical writer.  Like Juliet Archer, I would be more at home with a quill pen and parchment than a laptop...

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Comment by Annie Burrows on October 30, 2011 at 15:42
It was great to meet you too Hywela.  Now I'm going over to have a look at your blog post.  finally, I'm learning to navigate my way round this site!
Comment by Hywela Lyn on October 29, 2011 at 16:10

It was nice to meet you Annie. and I agree, what a wonderful venue for the Festival!  I'd love to have stayed there myself, but I live close enough to travel each day, but I did love wandering around the grounds in between events!

Unfortunately I came down with a cold on Sunday so have only just got around to blogging about the Festival myself.

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